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Meeting: Thursday, 3 October 2109, at 7.30pm

At the parish centre, Hampton Uniting Church, 17 Service St, Hampton
Visitors Welcome



of the Tamil Refugee Council

Topic: How Australia’s policies towards refugees particularly
disadvantage the Sri Lankan Tamils.

At this meeting we will hear a presentation from Niro and view a short film entitled ‘Stop the Boats – the Lie of Saving Lives at Sea.’

European journalists Nicolai Jung and Phil Miller’s film Stop the Boats – the lie of saving lives at sea — which premiered at the Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival in 2017 — exposed both Australia’s brutal interception policies to stop boat arrivals of refugees and the lies that justify those policies.

The film reconstructs the ill-fated journey of the Andika that was attempting to reach New Zealand (NZ) in 2015 but forced back by the Australian armed forces. NZ’s role in this episode is murky but raises the possibility, as former NZ parliamentarian Keith Locke stated, that “the Australian navy is under instructions from the New Zealand government to intercept any such boat and send [them] back to Indonesia.”